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I have used this mover a total of 4 times prior to my resent move. I called to make an appointment and confirmed that I was the first move at 9 am so I would not have to wait if a job went over.

As always I received a call from the company the day before to confirm my 9 am move. Then I received a call from the “mover” to confirm, he stated that he would arrive at my home at 9:30 am the following day. At 9 am the next day I received a call from the mover stating that he would arrive in 45min. I ask politely what was the hold up, he informed me that there is traffic on 635.

In an hour I received a call from the “mover” stating he would arrive at my home in an hour and 45 minutes. I again ask what was the hold up, he informed me that he had a prior job that went over . The “mover” began to become rude and irate. I was a little confused as I asked to be the first move.

At 10:30 am I called the company to inform them of the situation. I told them the mover was being rude and didn’t want to used him. Also I asked for a discounted rate, I received one once before when the movers where only 20 minutes late. I was then told a manager would call me back.

At 11 am I called back and went to voicemail 8 times . On the 9th call I received an answer. The lady stated that a discount would not be possible but she may be able to send another mover later in the day. I said ok that would be fine, and could she call me back to verify.

She stated ok. By 12:45 I still had not received a confirmation call from the office to verify the later move. Luckily I saw some movers form AB Movers and they gave me card. I call and told them my situation.

I was told since it was last minute and the first of the month they could do an evening move with a window of arrival from 5-8 pm. I agreed and was quoted the price for a 2 man crew.

Less than 30min later a mover called and stated that could be at mu home in 15min I agreed and they arrived with a 3 man crew we got a man free and moved all my stuff carefully and efficiently. They really saved the day.

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